simien mountains, ethiopia
 A massive Burberry ad is reflected over Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong's busiest commercial districts, as protestors occupy the streets below in the early evening.
 "deer" is a dark electronic/trip-hop duo heavily influenced by a background in ethno-musicology. originally from mexico city, they are now based in hong kong. in the summer of 2015 i joined them on their china tour, staying with them across shaanxi, ningxia, inner mongolia and beijing. it was the best. as part of their stage show, they wear a paper deer mask. every week or so, they give the mask away to a fan, and build another one from scratch. each mask takes about five hours to create.  check them out. they're great:  deer on facebook
xian, china
istanbul, turkey
 These photos were taken at an amusement park in Pyongyang, North Korea in 2012. 
 these photos were originally commissioned for the launch of plug magazine's "artificial" issue, released in early 2015.  all photos were taken in hong kong, in an attempt to note the ways "artifice", in its various connotations, both positive and negative, can be found in the city.  this photo: "circle" lenses are worn by many men and women in hong kong, strictly for cosmetic reasons.  some feature enlarged, anime-ish irises, while others are simply coloured. while it is illegal in many countries to sell contact  lenses without a prescription, circle lenses are widely available both online and in stores.